Please answer, serious question, is this possible for university?

i been severly depressed for years now.

due to my depression, i was unable to study in university,

it started in September and exams are coming up.

i am taking treatment and went to the doctors, and have a note.

can i make the exam worth 100% everything, since i was not able to do work?

or can i drop the coures and get a refund?

what are my opintions here? i go to a Canadian university, york

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  • The most you can do is talk to your administrator and have valid medical notes


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  • You can drop if you have not went past the cut off , but in all honesty don't look for a refund being you are choosing to get out of it. They aren't obligated to do any refunds


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  • if you are at uni you need to make them aware of your issues, they have services in uk for that on campus.

  • possible... ;-)

  • i can't help you man. i'm too fuced up myself. my own depression made me drop off rom college and lose anything and everyone... .

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