Is She/He A Beauty Killer & Hot Pink Killer? Do you like his make up and style?

Jeffree Star AKA Jeffrey Lynn Steininger, American Celebrity !

Occupation: Model, Fashion Designer, Makeup Artist, DJ, Singer and Composer.

Something About Jeffree Star

He called himself, Beauty Killer & Hot Pink Killer, Electric Sugar Pop. He said don't be jealous of what I got, not everyone can be this hot, All the pink lips, fingertips, skinny dips and ego trips, that your money can buy. Feel the energy around me it's such a rush, So sweet such a treat, I'm the king of candy, I'm a princess, a hot mess, a tiger in a short dress. It's so sugary sweet. Your heartbeat's racin' with anticipation, I am a Electric Sugar Pop, Lemme tell ya, Hush! makes me blush.

Jeffree Star As The King of Candy & Hot Pink Killer & The King of Candy,
Is She/He A Beauty Killer & Hot Pink Killer? Do you like his make up and style? Jeffree Star As Electric Sugar Pop and A Childhood Photo
Jeffree Star & HIs Make Up Style

Jeffree Star And boyfriend & Guys? I don't know that's his boyfriend or not !

Jeffree Star As A Beauty


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  • Jeffree is so hot. Like perfection, the hair, the face, the makeup. Just everything is great. And the fact he does what he wants makes him even more awesome. Amazkng tattoos


Most Helpful Guy

  • Is he a drag queen, gender fluid, or trans? I've seen him before.
    To me my favorite drag queens are Willam because she's hilarious as fuck and appearance wise I like Courtney Act because she really does look like a girl

    • I like Courtney too, You watch that show too?

    • Rupaul? Yeah I started a season but haven't finished it. I should finish it though c:
      thanks for MHO

    • Yeah Rupaul, But I don't like Rupaul hehe, Courtney Act is Gorgeous! Keep watching it then !

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  • that person.. has got a long way in fashion... his fashion sye is so admirable... love it to the core.

    • I'm glad you like him, And you are right, Check his video on youtube.

  • I want to throw up... :s Really I'm sorry but this sight is very ugly..

    • Haha, This is the first time I make you throw up, And come here throw up agian.

  • kid was inspired by me.

    • You mean the style or color?

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    • punch him, son

      mostly colour

    • Is that guy under 18 in anony, down vote you and others. I guess he is that user cityboy. Sure I'll punch him everytime I see him.

      Ok I see. Mom love pink too !

  • Not my style personally. But for photoshoots, I think the make up is really well done, and the colors really pop so it works.

    • Yeah, More better than a woman's make up

    • Eh, maybe some women yes. But there are some women, and some make up artists that do a pretty good job as well.

  • He's so trashy. No elegance whatsoever.


What Guys Said 6

  • Oh! JESUS Take the wheel!.. We are on the apocalypse

    • Haha, How can be the apocalypse?

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    • That would be nice, idc. All I know is pink and penis is a puking combination

    • Not to offend, but it's in our brain that pink is for girls, blue is for boys, and a guy with long pink hairs dressed like a girl, skin like a girl, with a beauty and beauty of a girl, is like pretty weird to digest for someone straight like me. It's like he is possessed by a Ghost of a Sexy Female model.

      End of the day it's his choice, won't encourage or suggest him to change, but if anyone does, will definitely amanda gain that person, cause nobody has right to occupy other freedom and will to choose.
      Tbh.. The guy has huge ball, that he is totally fine with himself being pink and dgaf out what other thinks..

  • That's cool. Very creative.

  • No. no. no. no. no.

  • Just another flaming queen. Nothing special.

  • Allahu Akbar!

  • Lmao freak !!! Tranny freaks !
    My poor neibours son is a tranny. Poor woman. We knew the kid was a queer growing up. We called him a girl. Guess we were right.
    He ended up blowing guys for $ to pay for make up n shit. It's a sick world
    And yea im throwing up too ! Sick waist of life

    • I know who you are, You don't have to hidding yourself!😉

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    • Hey asshole. He didn't do anything wrong. You are judgmental little bitch. You are wrong

    • The guy under 18, Stop bring the argument on this opinion, Otherwise it will be removed by Admini