Girls 18-24, would you consider me attractive or dateable despite this condition?

Girls 18-24, would you consider me attractive or dateable despite this condition?

I know these aren't the best pics but I don't take many to be honest, anyway I have TE basically permanently damaged hair thinning it, so I have to shave my head bakd I'm only 20, so girls be honest if it's a turn off tell me after all I have high standards, sure I only want one in the end but I wouldn't date a girl who wasn't slender and had a very pretty face, those are my 'musts' and I would take a bullet before accepting otherwise so girls if hair is on the list for you tell me. Thanks.

  • Girls over the 18-24 bracket
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  • I think you look attractive, even with no hair I'd date a guy who looked like you
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  • Sorry I can't get past you can't grow hair
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  • I find you plain/unattractive (reasons besides hair)
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  • Yeah for sure, you're one of the few young bald guys I've seen that absolutely rocks the look.

    • So you wouldn't care that I couldn't grow hair even if the future? That wouldn't put you off from dating a guy like me

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    • I know this is seemingly out of nowhere, but does the shadow of hair (it it shows where the hair was lost) bug you? You can't see it in the pics, but even skinhead bald my hair roots leave a light shadow in contrast where I didn't lose hair on the sides etc, and there really isn't anything a guy can do about that, so would still being able to slight see the pattern of a guys hair lost matter much?

    • No, again not at all. It can't be helped at all so why worry about it :)

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  • You look fine. I think you are pretty handsome with o without hair and you have a great body so don't worry you would find somebody who love bald guys like I do hahaha.

    • Thanks but uh, about the 'great body', I'm actually a pretty small guy, haha I'm only like 140 lbs and 5'9 or so I mean I do work out and have some tone but all the guys in my family are smaller built