Guys, how attractive is this girl?

Is the girl on this album cover attractive?
Guys, how attractive is this girl?

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If you don't mind, could you please say why your opinion is what it is (what you like/don't like about her)?


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  • Okay. I mean hard to tell really.

    • Why's it hard to tell?

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    • lol thanks 😂😂
      My flatmate looks quite a bit like the album-girl and she just went through a really bad breakup and has been feeling rather insecure lately. I wanted to do this poll and give her some good results bc I think she's absolutely gorgeous.
      That doesn't mean that you shouldn't be honest just to make her feel better tho. If the results aren't good I just won't show her.

    • Oh. Well like I said not ugly or anything. Looks alright. Not super hot, but for sure not ugly from what I can see.

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  • Radar Love, baby! Yeah! :-P

    I'm fascinated by the sexy styles of the past. They may not be what I'd consider to be hot and sexy TODAY, and I wasn't around back then to enjoy them when the style was current, but if I owned a DeLorean and could go back in time I would, and I'd be totally in to it!

  • Not at all Not at all

    • Sorry, but do you mind saying why?