How do I look in my new photo?

How do i look in my new photo ?

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i bet American and British girls press to ugly for i said i dont like American and British girls.
this page full of troll people


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  • Okay, honesty:

    Your hand is behind your head because you are practicing to force yourself down as you give a blowjob. That is all I see here. A very bored looking blowjob preparation.

    • hahaah blowjob preparation. you made me day bro lol

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  • Sorry not my type at all.

    • no problem

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    • My cousin in Helsinki got raped by a hairy Turkish man fuck all of you for ruining her life

    • i am sorry for your cousin. realy so sad thing. but not all Türkish men pervert. i never hurt any girl in my life.

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