Where should a guys belt be (how much sag)?

So i got a lot of shit for my pants being too sagged down earlier... Im from texas, and a lot of people wear their pants where their ass is COMPLETLY OUT OF THE JEANS... No exageration... And nobody ever says nothing to me... So, where should my pants waistline be at? And no boxers showing? Mayb i spent to much time in da hood... And if you dont mind, please say your state, if u want

www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1807254-please-rate-1-10 here is the pic if u care to see.. This is how i normally wear my cloths... Keep in mind i am 6 foot tall, and there is at least a couple inches before even a hair slips out from my boxers


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  • I'm not really a fan of sagging, but I do like seeing the guys boxer rim. Its kinda hot and usually you can tell if dude gotta big booty or whatev lol.


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  • Your pants should be worn on your waist.
    Most people probably don't know that the whole sagging pants thing
    is actually something that's used in jail/prison to let someone else know
    you're available for sex.

    • Waist being belly button? Cuz I've always heard that is where they measure waist at...

    • Yes , bellybutton