Since I've just moved home to Australia, I feel that I am a bit of a small fish in a big pond, if you will. What with all of the skinny, muscular, properly proportioned men who roam the beaches and streets. I'm just trying to get a guage of how competitive I am in the current dating market that I have assimilated into. I know I sound LUDICROUSLY thirsty. But, I don't have any friends here in Australia yet. So I seek the assistance of the wise council that is G@G.

Note: This picture IS slightly touched up. I had just finished taking my grandmother's dogs for a walk and the hot and sweaty look doesn't work for me very well. But, other than that, it's genuinely plain old me! PLEASE be honest in your rating!

Cheers! 😅
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  • I give you a six. You have beautiful eyes though.