Who is the best looking/ your favorite Jonas Brother?

Ok. Well, I love Nick Jonas! When I was younger, I used to contemplate if the best looking brother was Nick or Joe. As you guys would have guessed, I made up my mind! Nick is dee one😬

  • Nick
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  • Joe
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  • Kevin (Really?)
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  • Frankie (Is he even still around?)
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  • Who still cares about the Jonas brothers?

    • If you don't care to share an opinion, kindly buzz off and go troll somewhere else.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Dang I hate I left my man Kevin hanging, but I voted Joe. When I first first started listening to them, I was actually crazy about Kevin haha!! But as they got older, Joe had me like 😝 And FINALLY Nick Jonas is looking good to me. But neva better than Joe 😜


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  • They all look gay but the gayest looking one is Kevin.