It's convenient for me show you a photo here?

I'm really worried about my face. I would like to show it so you can give me maybe an advice to improve my look. Despite this, i think that my face it's really ugly (and i'm not the guy who know to be cute but still ask because he like to hear people say it), i think that my face it's really ugly

So i'm not worried of the answers, but there are other things that worry me

I'm from mobile device and i see that i can allow easly a photo, i have some questions:

Can i remove the photo after i've received answer?

Can i remove the question with the photo after that?

It's convenient for me to do this? I don't want let a my photo on web honestly


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  • I'm not sure if the photo can be removed after. Just private message someone specific and send them the link

    • Yeah but this would be boring

      Are you sure that i can't remove the photo after?

    • I honestly wouldn't know. I only posted a pic once and never tried to remove it

    • Ok. Anyway thanks for help

What Guys Said 1

  • Sure, people here do it all the time. Depending on how you post the picture you can change it all you want. Just post the picture online somewhere and put a link to it here. You would need an admin to remove the question itself.

    • So, if i put it with the function of the site, i can't remove it?

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    • Oh. I don't want that a picture of mine remains on web

    • Put it up on drive or something post a share link here and then remove it from you drive account after an hour or so. The link will still be here but it will lead to a picture that is gone.

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