Is a front gap in a smile a killer for you?

Let's say the guy/girl has a front tooth gap in their smile. Is that a deal breaker for you. What if their teeth are pearly white with a gap. Or everything else is 10/10 and they have a gap. Personally I don't discriminate against that. Some people can fix that with braces, and some are unable to do that with the way their genetics shaped their mouth, etc lol.

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  • Ask me this before 8th grade and I would say not cute. But once I hit high school, I met some fine men with gaps. I was like to hell with it. I can overlook it


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  • Oh boy, another genetics comment. Unless they are like the Hunchback of Notre Dame in the face, it's caused from tongue thrusting which made my teeth crooked a long time ago. The only killer for me is my roots that have been all but destroyed because of it.

    As for other girls, I just dont know. I haven't meet many girls with bad teeth, but have thought them to be cute who had a nice body.


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  • Just throwing this out there.. it's an easy fix with veneers, just go talk to a dentist. Tom Cruise had it.

  • Like Michael Strahan style?

    • Yeah, little smaller too.

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