I look younger than my age and i've a problem with that?


iam 18 years old and when people see me for the first time they always say that i look younger like 16 or something, i don't like looking younger than my age because girls when i approach them they think i'm young...

so i want to change that could you help me?

PS. i don't smoke.


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  • Hey, I am a girl and 16 (as you can see lol) and I also get told I look about 2 years younger than I am and it fucking sucksss, so what I do is wear makeup but you might not be into that so all I can say is maybe do some research on a haircut that could make you look a little bit older, maybe try to dress more mature some how and work out! :) hope I helped a bit

    • (on the brightside we will look younger when we are old XD)

    • thank you, and about the brightside i hope we will look younger when we are old

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  • Just embrace it. Looking young isn't always a bad thing.


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