Do glasses make me look intelligent?

So I am not fishing for compliments I just wanted to know if glasses make me look like I am intelligent? I have been told that they do. I am the type of girl who comes across as an airhead. I am not the smartest person but i disagree with me but being an airhead. I have smarts in different areas than other people do my EQ is a lot higher than my IQ.
Do glasses make me look intelligent?


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  • Not to me, in the past it was seen that way but now every girl tends to try too hard with the big frame glasses. I personally don't like glasses on any girl, I think some guys suit them but not many as for girls especially pretty ones it either makes them look generic or covers up their face and the secretary thing I don't get either.


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  • If you were wearing a professional outfit, It would make you look intelligent.

    Because of your choice of clothing the area of intelligent almost clashes.

    I'm not saying you look stupid...
    but I don't exactly get intelligent either.

    • *Because of your choice of clothing the IDEA of intelligent almost clashes.

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    • :) great ! I just like to thoroughly explain myself.

    • Cool same as me. You should be allowed to voice your honest opinion without the other person getting angry. I'd be a hypocrite if I could not handle the truth as I tell people like it is.

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