What are some Flight Essentials to bring?

Hey Guys and Gals, I was wondering what do I bring with me for a travel. I'm going to NJ to see my Girlfriend for her birthday, Im staying for 4 days (Jan 29 - Feb 1). I don't know what to carry with me since it's going to be my first time traveling alone. I know it's going to be cold! So Jackets and Sweaters are a necessity.

Please help me out! Thanks GaGs!


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  • Since you said flight essentials, I am assuming you know what to bring for suitcase stuff (clothes, phone charger, etc.). For flight essentials, I imagine it comes down into a couple categories: entertainment and comfort.

    Let's start with comfort:
    A lot of this depends on how comfortable you feel you need to be on an airplane. Some people are good at just bearing with it and dealing with whatever happens. Some common things to bring would be a jacket/sweater in case it gets cold. You can bring a traveling pillow if you'd like, but I usually just take a hoodie and use it as a pillow as well to save space (I sleep on the food tray).
    As for food, gum is a common thing to have because it supposedly helps with air pressure on flights. You can also bring snacks (dry snacks are easier to get on a plane) but be aware that bringing salty stuff like pretzels will make you thirsty... and you probably won't have a drink for most of the flight.
    For longer flights, some people like to bring a toothbrush/toothpaste to brush their teeth in flight, but that never bothered me unless I'm flying overseas or something.

    For entertainment, it really comes down to electronics and non electronic stuff. Personally, I would bring both because for the first part of the flight you won't be able to use electronics. I usually bring a crossword/sudoku/wordsearch book for non electronic entertainment. For electronic entertainment, I tend to bring my ipod / phone (on airplane mode of course) with headphones. A laptop and movie or two is also a good way to pass time.

    For carrying all this stuff, you are going to want a bag. What I would suggest is a large enough bag to fit your stuff in, but a small enough bag to fit under the seat in between your legs. You could get a larger bag, but then you'd have to stick it in overhead compartments... which gets really annoying if you ever want to get something out or put something in.

    If you were talking more about what to take on a 4 day trip, tell me and I can try to change my answer. From the question though, I guess you were referring more towards a flight however?


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  • Carry-on: Ipod, headphones, charger.
    Medication: I bring gravol in case I feel sick, tylenol, advil, tumbs (airplane food)
    Extra clothing (You never know if your suitecase will make it. It usually does but I always bring one of each in case. A shirt, pants, underwear, etc.
    Gum or mints because of the air pressure. Your ears will pop.
    Book, magazine, crossword, etc.
    I always bring a big sweater because I use it as a pillow in the plane. You can always bring one of those travel pillows.
    Laptop & dvds: To watch movies.
    & Make sure you have your money, passport, IDs.

  • What are the things that you use daily? Like a charger, your toothbrush etc.. Write a list and take with you YOUR essentials


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  • just chill man u just walkthrough your day and make a list u won't need anything else imp
    I've travelled alone too
    just need daily stuff and extra clothing (obvio) toothbrush n stuff
    and its 2 months later so just sttart making a list

    • What do you usually bring when you travel? Im curious lol.

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    • Hmm yea like what to bring with me. Should I bring a backpack and duffle bag? and It's probably gonna snow.

    • i dont have snow experience and yes backpack without sharp killing stuff and drugs please don't take drugs