Hair Problem! What would you do?

Hi everyone, let me introduce myself first. I'm a 21-year old male and since i was 12 i have been having the problem of premature grey hair. As it stands today i would say that 'for every dark hair there is a grey one'. I am not entirelly grey but yet it is disturbing and very bad for my selfconfidence as you can imagine. I have been dying my hair and that has been a solution but it feels (logically) so unnatural altho it only looks tainted the first 2-3 days after dying and after that people don't even notice it. If i don't taint it, it doesn't particularly makes me feel better but its just the way i am and i want people to acept me that way. Anyways, what i would like to know is.. what would you do in my place? and.. for the girls.. would you date a young guy who is prematurely greying or would it disturb you? Thanks in advance, please be kind. Its not like i wanted it to happen but u can't stop mother nature i guess..

I just wanted to say that i now leaved my hair how it is naturally and i have to say i'm very positive and relieved about it. Its actually not that bad at all and nobody looked weird at me or judged me or anything. Its actually no big deal! So thanks for the answers, it made me more decisive what to do, wich i did, and i'm very happy now. Thank you!


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  • Meh, I don't think it would bother me. It's important to me that a guy has hair but I don't care if i he's going grey, not a problem. i guess if you want people to accept you as you are, the first step is that you have to do that too.

    • I do acept myself how i am. Its only annoying that not all people will acept me the way i am but thats something i will have to get over with.

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  • Don't let it get you down... it is just your natural hair color. If it bothers you that much, then just keep dying the color. Some girls dig the salt and pepper look! Perhaps, just change your hairstyle to make it work!


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  • It wouldn't bother me at all.
    Anyway grey hair is in (well at least dyed all grey is)
    You could just dye it all grey

    • Now that would make me stand out loool! I'll better leave it the way it is then haha.

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