Anyone noticed the older girls get the uglier and ruder they get?

anyone noticed the older girls get the uglier and ruder they get?

i was in high school 2 years ago, and girls were much more prettier and more nice,

when i started university girls in general were much much uglier, and older looking and also rude in general, not to me but to everyone.

and as girls get even older they become ruder and uglier.

for example, my high school teachers were all girls aged from 25-35, they were all ugly and rude.

except for a couple mature teachers over the age of 55 which were really nice girl teachers,

I think this is because 95% of girls turn ugly after the age of 18, so they become bitter and rude.

i also notice fat girls are really rude and ugly girls.

i feel so depressed becase i wasted a whole lot of time due to this. I wasted time talking to rude ugly cashiers, rude old looking ugly girl at my university, rude ugly teachers, rude ugly old looking hair dressers (I never went there again lol),

i cried a lot, and blamed god. because this ugly, old looking girls were rude to me. i was scared to talk to pretty younger girls. but i realized and am convinced after talking to a number of pretty girl who are young and youthful looking, that they are nice and polite and soft-spoken.

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  • You are crazy! lol

    • how? this is the truth. !

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    • maybe I don't know, i am from toronto. and no almost all girls gett ruder as they get older. and all get uglier. that's science.

    • lol science also says girls get prettier as they age and become more nice. So maybe that's just what you see in the girls that are around you.

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  • I didn't notice this