The muslim woman, can you please explain why u like ur religion? I genuinely want to know?

I respect all religions,

i am just curious?
like, why do you think what Islam says about woman is correct. and why do you respect man who grow beards? and why do u think ur so strongly connected and believe in ur religion?

here are some prayers from my reigion (altough i like to think I don't follow anyone religion)


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  • Because it is the only thing that guarantees happiness for me.

    Whether I am sick, lost, hopeless, or whatever, nothing makes me feel safe or gives me cure like my religion does.

    by the way, not every man can grow beards. So respect does not come from that.

    I don't know why people thinks Islam is sexist towards women.

    • but why does this bring u hapiness?

      how about going to disney world, or looking at the stars, or exploring nature, or making other people smile?

      and how do u know ur religion is true? is there any evidence today, anything scientific to prove it? just curious.

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  • ? :-( ? ;-(


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  • For me religion is a very personal thing. I don't follow what is out there that everyone says, because everything is subjective to interpretation. I read the Quran and follow my individual interpretation.

    It doesn't say in the Quran that a woman must cover her hair or face explicitly, its only interpreted that way by some scholars... which is why instead of going by another interpretation I go by my own.

    As for the religion itself; I have found that it guides me towards the right path and since I've become a believer things have been so positive in my life. The calmness that spreads over me when I pray is like no other.

  • Respect and trust on faith


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  • Hahahah seriously? Do u think In Islam, women respect to men who growing their beards? You shouldn't believe everything u heard LoL