Girls, Am I too hairy?

Girls, Am I too hairy?


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  • You are a bit more hairy than normal, and I used to think I couldn't be attracted to that.

    However I dated for a short while about 3 years ago, that was about as hairy as you, and I found myself growing to like it. I personally love to play with the hair on a guy's chest, and I don't think it's really that big a deal for most girls... You're fine 😊

    • Thanks for MHO. I read about how you are trying to get in shape, and it's great that you are trying to be healthy. However personality and confidence matter way more than looks in the dating game, especially for a guy. Don't think you have any lesser to offer.

    • Well no, problem. I'm disabled I have cerebral palsy so I do worry about it. They always seem to leave but I suppose it's distance although I did experience a weird date the other day, the girl left after 5 mins. Saying " let's just be fruebds and fond other people " which really means let's not be friends lol

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