How do you keep cool and collective instead of turning into a psychofreak?

I'm the quit observant girl when put into a room of loud opinionated people, yea you can call it ghetto if you want. I want to learn how to not take certain encounters to seriously. For example someone mentions how skinny i am or maybe a frien of mine i get full on upset and tense. I feel like i have to denfend myself and others. You dont just go up to a overly weight person and point out how fat they are, that extremely rude. Some people just laugh about there weight and make jokes. I wish i could be like that but i was bullied hard about being thin and tall as a kid so it's still a big insecurity of mine. I've gained some weight to be considered healthy but i'm still on the very slim side.

How do i let people know (especially potential enemies) That making fun of my weight won't get to me but it's still something i wouldn't encourage daily teasing about. (i dont get teased daily but if i was put in that situation i would talk with them privately)


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  • Okay what I say to myself the other people are looking to provoke a reaction so I will not lower myself and give them the satisfaction by reacting. Questions to ask yourself
    If I react?
    (1) Do I gain from this experience - No
    (2) Do I lose from this experience - Yes
    If I don't react?
    (1) Do I feel better in myself - Yes
    (2) Do I look better than provokers - Yes
    (3) If provokers get no reaction, could they move on - Yes
    (4) When I think back tonight and reflect on how I handled myself, do I feel good - Hell yeah

    • i love ur response. i'll think these questions over but when i'm trapped in a situation where i have to defend myself like the one rare time i share a bottle of soda with my toddler and get bashed for it i'm gonna try to just be honest and let them know "ur making me feel uncomfortable, honestly this is the first bottle of soda we had in a month and we're sharing it its not like im chugging it down her throat." (that actually happened recently and it's nice that they care about my kids well being but don't feel comfortable about the misdirected lecture from my collegues

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  • Well, considering a lot of people want to be skinny - "I work out" could be a good response? Unless being thin and tall isn't a good thing in your area?

    • It's not. it's all about the curves. small waist but nice hips, butt, and boobs around here. Certain clothing help me out in that area but i never like to be the center of attention may that be flirting or negative teasing.

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  • Its bad to bottle up emotions but the best thing to do is to try and get out of that environment.

  • what the fuck?


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