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  • It doesn't really matter how you look to be sex/boyfriend material. Its like 70% charm, 10% intelligence, 10% projection of succes (both social and in work) and 10% appearance (looks).

    Unlike guys, girls dont really look for good looks in a partner/sex buddy. It surely helps, but you can build attraction other ways, if you build it those ways, her attraction for you will stay longer than when she is attracted to your looks.

    Try to get charming, your chances will skyrocket!
    There are good guides when you search "how to get charming".

    Good luck! :)

    By the way, the YouTube channel Whatever did an experiment where a pretty girl asked random guys for sex on the street. 30 out of 100 guys accepted.
    They also did another experiment where a (handsome) guy asked random girls for sex. 0 out of 100 girls accepted.

    That must show something haha

    So to reply to your question. Sorry, but no. But mind that no guy is initially!


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