How do I look without glasses? Rate 1-10?

How do I look without glasses? Rate 1-10?

"You look weird without glasses."
"I don't know. You just do."
This conversation lead to me being perfectly fine/not caring much about how my face looks to being super paranoided and spending the last hourjust taking selfies. Part of me is still fine either way, but that other part just needs to know. So.. There it is.

by the way for those of you wondering, no, I wasn't laying in bed while taking that picture. I was slouching on the couch that I slept on last night... Don't worry about it.

Note to self: smile when taking photos...
Apparently, I look mad (?) but normal.. and I can live with that

Thanks for all the responses!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Perhaps the person is used to seeing you wear glasses.

    I had to get accustomed to someone I knew that wore glasses because they looked so different when they took it off.

    You look "weird" in the sense that they are not used to seeing you that way.

    • Fair point
      I actually considered that in the beginning but then I realized I've never had much input on my appearance.
      Shenanigans ensued.
      And now I'm here.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I think you look good dude


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  • Ready to punch me in the face?
    Look pretty serious, but also pretty good.

  • You look fine