Why do people lie to themselves and then get offended?

I've been discussing this topic a lor with fellow GAGers and it's these how do I look questions. So sometimes girls or guys post to get attention and they make some comment that fishes for compliments. So let's say we have a maybe not so attractive girl saying she's hot shit and if one person disagress she blocks them or starts yelling at them
Like wtf
When you say any comments are welcome you should accept every comment and not delete or block the person who said a negative one


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  • i have only seen this with one girl who posts twice a day a picture of her in perfect model quality and if you reply to her with anything, does not matter if it is good or bad she will downvote your answer and block you.

    i have done a vote my looks thing just because i was genuinely interested how people perceived me, i asked for flaws and attributes and i got both, if anything in my opinion, criticism is just as important as compliments.

    just imagine how stuck up you could be if you didn't get slapped with some truth every now and then, criticism is a useful tool. ^.^

    • Haha that's true
      I did one a while back for first impressions
      Let me just say
      Nice comments were something I barely got on that post 😂

    • yay, gag giving you notifications telling you to MHO when you think you had someone messaging you? happens all to frequently... >.<

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  • Well I just posted a photo with a health question yesterday and got that "you're such an attention whore" phrase even though only my hand and legs were on it.
    I can respect when people tell me that when I post my face looking for validation but it's definitely absolutely misplaced when I'm actually (and obviously) looking for medical advice. Sorry.

    • I didn't block her or anything but she did get me started lol

    • Haha I know how you feel
      People pissed me off when I posted mine and all they talked about was my septum piercing when I asked for first impressions not my "bad life choices"

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  • I can see every side of this argument.
    In your example a not so great girl saying she is hot shit. Why is she saying this (1) She is delusional (2) She is being told she is ugly and needs to build herself up (3) She is just an average kid unsure of her place in the world looking for affirmation anywhere.
    How should we respond (1) Harsh reality - Oink, Oink (2) Save her from herself by telling her that she is not that great (3) Try and find a constructive response that leaves her happy.
    I gave a response to a similar question yesterday where a 14 year old not so great girl was being savaged on her post and she was so upset she had to get her father to write an update asking people to ease off the girl. Now I strongly feel that is not cool in any situation.
    So if it comes down to a simple choice between hurting someone's feelings or providing a supportive answer that won't change the world just boost someone's ego for a while. I will go with the white lie of being "nice".

    • Lol Noone was mice to me but I took it as it is because they're names on a screen. If you don't want negative comments then don't post a pic at all isn't it

    • I am sorry you didn't have a good experience - I must have been taking a break when you asked your question - Anyway I must admit I am surprised since you asked for honest answer I think you are very pretty in an individual sort of way, you remind me of someone who knows their own mind and it comes across in your look and I appreciate that.

  • Here fucking here


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  • this is totally a vanity topic. it's all about people who want to show off and have their egos boosted or just a desperate cry for attention. the only ones that matter where this thread is concerned are the ones who ask about true things about their bodies... like if they are "thick" or not. at least they're taking the thread seriously. not those that know they're tiny and then ask if they're fat.

  • well i asked a posts of "how do i look" but i got some really useful answers i got complĂ©ments and everthing but the advice was really useful, anyhow but some people would say really mean things, some people even called me ugly so obviously i would block them, but if some people stated i was average or not attractive in there eyes then thats just there perspective and honesty.

    • But why block them if they called you ugly? Damn you know how many mean things I was called when I posted a how do I look
      Worse than ugly trust me
      But I didn't block anyone

    • Well some were kinda kinda harassing me so thats why i blocked,.. sorry to hear they said really mean things to you though.

  • I don't care for people that beg for attention but to openly be rude to somebody or say a disrespectful comment that you would otherwise never say to that persons face is grounds to get blocked. Although blocking is as far as I'll go. I don't get involved in arguing and back and forth because at the end of the day, the other person is nothing but a name on a screen

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