Girls, college age (early or mid 20's) do I pass your look requirement/do you find me attractive enough to date despite my condition?

I'm 20 years old and just started college (took a year off when my dad passed and had to take another due to medical cramp being tested) and I'm pretty self conscious at this point, YES I've lost my hair to a condition, luckily I will keep my eyebrows however I can't really grow facial hair either since even that thinned, anyway since starting college I've asked a few girls out or for a number etc and not once has it come close to yes and some have said if I had hair they would but not a bald guy, now yes I myself I have high standards, looks included, I admit that but I only want something real here.

So girls be honest do you find me attractive enough to date or not? Like I said I get looks matter I have high standards too (although to me all a girl needs to be attractive is slender with a very pretty face so I'm not ridiculous or anything) so just base this on physical here, and picture if a guy who looked like me respectfully approached you at a party or after a class etc.

Girls, college age (early or mid 20's) do I pass your look requirement/do you find me attractive enough to date despite my condition?

Also I'm a pretty slender guy, I work out but most guys in my family are very small built:

This ones not the best but hey just to show you my size (I'm 5:10 just about)

And lastly just show my head shape with a shaved head

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Someone kinda brought it up with their opinion, and no I can't tan, I know I'm pale and even the doctors who diagnosed me with the hair condition told me I have a skin type that simply doesn't absorb the sunlight the way it needs to for proper tanning
The numbers they keep changing, goes from feeling good to not go back to not, knowing my luck all the girls voting no would of course be the attractive ones I'm interested in
Haha the numbers keep going up in unison, this is pretty intense


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  • You have gorgeous eyes!

    • So you wouldn't care I couldn't grow hair?

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  • Honestly, I think there are ways of doing the impossible. If I were you, I wouldn't give up on finding a natural health alternative to your hair growth. Sounds like a nutrition issue, and you have sort of a sickly look which kind of confirms that.

    Had my mom accepted what the doctors said about being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, she would be paralyzed and in a wheelchair by now. She merely needed to reduce her stress overload from demanding job and divorce, and take water oz minerals and eat healthier. Just saying. It's possible.

    Despite all that, you're pretty attractive. There's no question you can date. There are probably a lot of chicks that would be glad to be with someone like you or even Lex Luthor fans (hey i think he's quite a catch myself).

    • No I'm actually very healthy my hair was lost over two years ago to a confirmed TE condition where hair growth cycle was 'reset' so to speak, and in men our hair becomes very weak against testosterone which cause normal aging baldness, basically the only way to regrow hair in a man is to cut testosterone (which you see the issues) however my follicles have died off, it's not nutritional I've seen well over three specialists with multiple blood tests when I first noticed the loss, if you mean my size literally all the males in my family are under 140, and also the same dermatologist who looked over hair the first time told me my skin is a type that simply does not tan period, so the paleness isn't sickly was

      Sorry, I'm going to trust the specialists at University hospitals when they say the hair loss was not from nutrition and is permanent (especially after two year)

      Anyway did you vote? If so which since you kinda went from saying I look sick, to looking attractive haha

    • Well, I'm bad at trying to fix stuff all the time. You're pale but many people find it attractive, including myself. Don't worry about your looks too much - you're a typical handsome army guy.

    • So you don't care that I or another guy couldn't grow hair?

  • I just don't think you're attractive period.

    • Did you vote? Cause there is the option there that you just don't find me attractive, it's fine no offense but given my standards I probably don't you either haha (no offense)

  • Can you stop posting these? I've seen so many of your posts and they're annoying.

    • Um I've posted once asking if I pulled off bald so this is number two? If it bugs you so much maybe just, scroll on? Yeah I'm not sorry if you're mood is so fragile a question on a web site ruins your day. Just ignore it as I do the hundreds of nearly identical questions girls ask about something guys do on here

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    • I've posted two, so I'm not sure where you get that, I'll look for the link from a few months ago if you want me too, and as said the first was a long time ago when I first shaved if I had a decent head shape, and unless there's only 20 girls others may see it as well, if you have such a fragile little online life that seeing something that is simlair a question then, just. Scroll. On. Sound good? Sorry I lost hair and was curious if girls would mind it, luckily a bit over half don't seem too. seroousky though stop accusing me of bull and if you don't like a question hmm lets see.. don't click on it?

    • My God, this place is ridiculous, the people who recommended me this site even said that some people would jump down your throat about crap, apparently asking a question they don't have to click on is offensive to people like you.

  • I think you are very handsome, and I would date you, hair or no hair. :)

    • Did you vote? If so which? (My phone browser has issues sometimes with these stupid polls)

    • I voted that I found you attractive enough to date. :)

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