How close would I be to be sculpting your preferable body?

So over the past few months I've been doing some dirty bulking and put on quite some weight on. Muscle with some fat included. Would you say this is enough muscle wise or should i put on more mass?

I am now planning to cut really soon to shed off the bits of fat and get a shredded lean physique. What do you think needs improvement?

Too chubby? small? big? fine?
How close would I be to be sculpting your preferable body?

  • Reasonable size but there's excess fat.
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  • Not massive enough yet.
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  • Juusst right ;)
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  • Keep in mind when you start cutting your going to lose muscle as well as fat. On my cut I went from 185lbs at 16% body fat to 162lbs and 10% body fat. In that cut I lost a lot of strength and a good amount of size. I have a nice 6pack a lot of muscle definition. When fully dressed it's hard to tell I lift weights though as opposed to before when I was at 16% body fat everybody at work and my friends thought I looked really big. So it really depends on what look your going for.

    • Put on a little excess mass (muscle and fat) then start cutting right?

    • For me the best way is to not get to fat while bulking so that I don't have to go on big cuts. When I've had to go on big cuts I've lost a lot of muscle which almost made it not worth it. If you can bulk for a year without gaining a lot of fat then cut for about 8-10weeks that would leave you pretty big.

  • I think that's just right size. All u need is to burn the fat n ur golden

  • I said C looks right to me