Girls, How do I look ladies honestly?

Ok girls I want to know what all of you think of me. Be honest I can take it. Thanks'
Girls, How do I look ladies honestly?

  • 1-3 (ugly)
    6% (2)
  • 4-6 (average)
    44% (14)
  • 7-9 (attractive)
    38% (12)
  • 10 (hot)
    12% (4)
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  • I'd say you're average right now. Work on your appearance and you could easily be 7-9.

    Lose some weight. Fat is a killer when it comes to looks. Losing some will define your face. I found that restricting food is much easier, and will get you results fast. If you have the stamina to strength train, that's great! Personally i wanna get one of those weighted vests for around the house for extra calorie burn, yeah!! Lols, anyways I'm not just telling you to do it, I lost about 25 lbs and it helped my looks SO much!! Using an online calorie calculator really helped, and a handy food calorie list for quick reference on the fridge.

    Shave. Facial hair doesn't seem to suit you, cus you have a boyish chubby look. (well if you lose weight ull look more masculine so maybe it will be flattering then) personally i think guys that have less facial hair are super sexy.

    Get contacts. Seriously you have nice eyes, but glasses detract from them. If you can't afford to always wear them, get the Air Optix. A set will last you 6 months, and they have one of the highest oxygen transmission percentages available.

    If you want to wear glasses on everyday basis, get rimless ones at zennioptical. com, so they won't detract from your facial features. Seriously you could get a sweet pair for like $30-$40 (including rims, prescription + shipping). They won't make you get updated prescription from doctor, if you know it, just fill in the numbers yourself. (youll need PD or pupillary distance, but easy to measure with ruler).

    honestly i can't think of much else. you seem to have great style. you have a lot of potential, a nice set of white teeth - im still working on that... Best wishes.

    • He is not overweight. You can see that by looking at his body and arms. He has a round face. But he still doesn't look fat. Sure je can work out if he wants but losing weight is not a good idea. He looks normal/thin.
      And no need to get contacts. Glasses are not distracting.

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    • Sorry i get excited. Maybe I should start my own makeover show.

    • lol what are you talking about? He looks perfectly fine! I don't think you've seen someone that is actually fat or that has an actually fat face :P

What Girls Said 4

  • Odd thing is I find you meh in the first picture but attractive in the second one... I don't know what the heck that girl was talking about with the non-existent fat but whatever. Anyway, I think the lighting in both pictures is odd but not bad either way.

    • Lol I feel you and thank you!😚

  • i'd say average but a 6 is too low for that :/ so i'd give you a 7.5 :)

  • I clicked the wrong one, I meant to click "hot". :)

    • Pshhh your good. And thanks for your opinion!😝🙈

  • To me you look averagw but you look like a guy who would habe no problem finding a girlfriend.

    • Lol thank you! I appreciate it!

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