Girls, Given the subjectivity of looks, how are you supposed to know FOR SURE whether you have good facial genetics?

And no, using pictures (which make you look different depending on camera quality, lighting and angle) isn't accurate (I mean which lighting and angle is the real you?). Mirror won't work unless you're gay or lesbian.
Responses from women? Well... I have a GREAT body and am intelligent aka awesome grades (tough course too). SO that doesn't tell me about my facial genetics.

I wish there was a blood test or MRI scan or some scan which would look at my face and tell me"You are more attractive genetically than x percent of the population and less than y percent"
I know that sounds weird... But I want something close. Any ideas?

I mean, EVEN USING PICTURES OR responses in real life... some women will say you're hot and others not. So why is Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise considered " hot"and not just "some women find both Men attractive and some only Pitt and some only Cruise and some prefer neither and would rather bang James Franco 😉 "


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