Girls, How to know if my face is "GENETICALLY HOT" OR NOT? Pics (angles and lighting make too much of a difference) and mirrors aren't accurate?

ASSUME that someone is at their genetic maximum (10 percent ish bodyfat, best haircut, eyebrows done, clean shaved, groomed, chapstick on etc you know the drill). How can he know where his face stands genetically?

Mirrors aren't accurate since I'm not gay. Before you say this question is meaningless without pics... what will pics do? Some girls will say I look hot or cute and others will say I'm okay (ouch) and some will troll and say ugly (it's hard to be ugly when you're at your max... LIKE REALLY REALLY REALLY HARD).
So short of sending in your professional pictures to a modelling agency is there any way to know? (heavily biased towards the eastern European standards of beauty... bonus question... does the fact that most Calvin Klein and such models are White mean that White people are inherently more facially attractive than Black or Asians? I'm sorry but I'd rather die than believe that. DO white people prefer white people? sure... But the other thing? Hell no.


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  • You are trying to get an objective answer to a subjective question... Impossible!

    • So why do Girls say Brad Pitt is hot or Guy 3453455 is hot... instead of Brad Pitt is hot TO me or Guy 3453455 is hot TO ME?
      why does the concept of hot guys and ugly guys exist? IS it only referring to grooming? AS in hot guys are just guys who just take care of themselves and are at or near their genetic maximum physically and ugly guys or average guys are further away? DO you get my point? PLEASE respond.
      Why does Francisco Lachwoski (a super male model) get SO MANY comments from hot girls saying " I would totally bang him" on youtube videos with him?

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    • Is there an accurate way to know? DO I walk into a modelling agency and say to the recptionist"Ayyy baby gurl, like my genes? ;) "

    • Sarcasm but still. ... something similar perhaps?

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