Girls, how can a guy find out HOW attractive his face is to the general women population? Disregarding subjectivity?

What will you do if I post a pic? you'll just give me YOUR personal opinion on how I look. But that will tell me nothing on how the general woman population feels about my face.
I know all about symmetrical features and proportionate features and masculine features and all that jazz. The problem is... how the f do I know I have them or not? The mirror? I obviously think I do... but that is not accurate. Pics? Some people say I do and others say average af cuz.

I hate it when people say"people generally agree upon what is a good looking face or not"... what the fuck? How to know whether people generally agree that MY FACE or YOUR FACE is a good looking face or not? If you tell me to post a pic... you're missing the point. I have posted a pic and got responses saying I look hot/cute/good looking and also responses saying I was average looking (dayum).
So what is it? How do I confirm?


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  • You're not hot