Are dental braces turn off?

My dentist said I need to wear braces until I turn 20

So is it a turn off when the late teens still wear braces?

  • It's a huge turn off
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  • It's a bit turn off but not a deal breaker
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  • I don't care as long as they have good hygiene
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  • I don't mind at all! It's normal
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  • It's a turn on
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  • Good job on taking care of yourself! Don't feel down because of it!


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  • I think option C sounds best all around then you will have nice teeth still at a very young age.

  • You teeth must be fucked up. I wore them for 3 years and my teeth needed work. But God Damb if your orthodontist says you must have them on untill till your 20yrs old Fuck that has to be some kind of record. Hope you got invisalign

  • It's cute. I love it

    • Lol okay

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    • Ok I'll still say you're cute. So don't feel insecure 😀😀

    • Aw thank you!

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