Man I am only 19, but I see so many creepy, girls around my age everywhere! like creepy girls?

i am only 19, but everywhere, at university, malls, my community,

i see creepy girls. like really unusual and weird girls.

I called many girls who liked me and kept trying to talk to me

"you're really creepy and you're creeping me out, leave me ALONE!".

i said that because the girls were fat and ugly, so i found them creepy.

They also acted unusually.

I wouldn't mind if hot girls harassed me, which has happened in the past.

I called so many girls creepy and "you're really creepy",
because many of them were harassing me, fat, ugly, or just disrespectful and annoying.

sucks for me, haha so many creepy girls where i am.

i live in Canada

  • yeah i agree, i hate creepy girls
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  • aww i feel bad for you, i hope you don't have "creepy" girls creep you out and make you uncomfortable anymore
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they make me feel unsafe
this is exactly what it is. LITERALLY HAD SO MANY "CREEPY" girls HARRASSING ME.

I have really pretty eyes, so many creepy girsl atare at me. This one girl was so fat and ugly and she kept turning over to look at me in my math class. it was so creepy. Why can't i just be surrounded by normal girls


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  • Lmfao another guy who thinks guys are only called creepy because they're not gorgeous 😂😂

    • no u idiot. i literally had so many fucking creepy ugly girls harrass me in high-school, and university.

      i am a pretty boy and so many girls crushed one me through-out my life. I have seen so many creepy girls

    • Lol i was thinking in my head the same when i was reading this. " hmmm... Sounds familiar"

    • i am not saying a girl is automatically creepy if she is fat/ugly.

      But i had many creepy girls creepy me out and make me feel unsafe, some of them were good looking, but most were ugly and quite a bit of them were fat.

      I also had creepy gay guys harass/creepy me out

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  • Because being creepy is not a gender thing. Men and girls can be creepy.


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  • It really sucks that you automatically connect " fat, and ugly" to being creepy. Clearly your definition of creepy cover a lot of reasons. You can just ignore them, and tell them you're not interested right?

    • but they like stare, and they sometimes brush onto me, or try to touch me, and stalk me.

      its actually really fucked up. it depresses me

    • You have the right to say get the fuck off me I'm uncomfortable but the whole fat=ugly=creepy makes you sound like a prat so please do us all a favor and stfu

  • You need to have a different option in your poll...

  • Oh wow. I feel so sorry for you. Boo


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  • Ya, its them that is creepy. haha.

  • You have problems.

  • I've never encountered a creepy girl before...

    I've encountered DIRECT, but not creepy...

  • you're a douche bag?