Girls, How can I make my face look as hot as male models? How to know if I even can?

No plastic surgery jokes.


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  • Omg I think I know who this is. Please stop, it's fetting rather annoying now

    • What? This is my first question here. I just want to know how I can make my face look as good as male models. And whether I have potential. This is seriously my first question here.

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    • What can't I accept? I just said... some girls say I am as attractive as male models and others say no... I didn't say either was wrong. I just wanna know what the differing opinions mean? Looks are subjective? SURE I know that. But what about the majority?

    • And before? This is the first time we are talking lol wtf?
      What can't I accept? I WHOLEHEARTEDLY accept that different Girls have different opinions (usually the hotter Girls in my opinion find me hot af though). ... but anyway... I just want to know what the majority of women think

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