I am a legit 6 guy (lowest rating I got) at 20% body fat, can I be 8-9 at 8%?

marc fitt'sfitness transformation, would u say he went from a 6-7 to a 9-10?
i am using him as motivation and working hard, if i dont get good looking in 2-3 years, my life will be shattered


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  • There's more to looks than just ur body... they may have been judging ur face and style also... But of course the leaner u are, the better (for skme) some women don't appreciate a good physique... just deoends on what the ladies like :)
    Ur a 6 to some, but probably a 10 to others... wr all have different tastes, that's all...

    • yeah, when i told my friend i am a 6, he was like "you have to be an 8 at least, ptherwise wth am i" lol and a few girls tell me i am very cute/ hot but well, as i walk around, i dont get too much attention or any winks from the ladies and all lol and out here people told me i am average when i gave opinions for another question etc, so as a mean i am a 6

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    • its like i have a long face, good jaw, my cheebones are light but starting to show, dark eyes and hair and olive skin and yes, a dimple lol, i am hoping getting ripped accentuates these features

    • he looks pretty good.
      hard work always pays off. no matter what :) so you'll be super happy with ur results as long as you stick to it.

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  • Hard to say a bit of toning and weight loss might help but 2/3 on the ratings I doubt it (I could be wrong) - I lost 47 lbs this year and thinking about it while looking more unhealthy than anything else I wouldn't give myself more than a point on ratings after change.

    • i was a 0 acc to people when i was fat and now that i have an average body, i am a 6-9 acc to rates i got so, i think it helps

    • That is interesting

  • You get better results spending that effort making money.

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