If there truly is such a thing as an objectively attractive face... then how would one go about finding out if they have one?


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  • Aesthetics is objective. Attractiveness is subjective but it is often based partially on aesthetics.

    • I do mean aesthetics in fact. How the fuck does I judge my facial aesthetics? I think I am the most gorgeous guy or at least one of them. But HOWN can I judge whether I'm top 20 percent or top 5 percent just on the face? I'm sure Im at least top 20 percent.
      Don't ask me to post a pic... I have done that before and most girls said I was attractive and cute some said gorgeous but some also said average. SO what am I?
      HOW much can facial aesthetics be improved without surgery? And why do I look like a God in some lighting and angles and like a troll in others? Please give me some advice

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    • Who NOSE right?

    • Ok then I vaguely remember what you look like. You are definitely above average. I remember some girls even said they thought you were hotter than lachowski.

      Yes, even Brad Pitt has people abover him, especially now that he's gotten older. If Brad pit wasn't rich/famous, just going off of looks, You are better looking and would probably get more girls.

      There's no one who is at the top.

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  • Hmm... There is. Certain traits are shown on your face and amount those, some are viewed as attractive because it shows a certain degree of your genetics. A peacock, for example, has the number of dots on their tail feathers.

    For human faces, there seems to be a general rule about ratios of everything on your face in relative to everything else on your face. It's sort of like the facial recognition software hat measures certain lines on your face.

    There are some research about this but the ratio is 7.0 something. The closer you are to that number, the more attractive you are (on average) on a statistics scale.

  • I think so. Some people have faces no one could consider unattractive, but it doesn't mean they;re the most attractive/interesting to each person.

    • How can I know IF I have a face which no one could consider unattractive provided I am at my absolute genetic maximum physically?

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    • By virtually everyone

    • Again, I wouldn't know haha. Maybe try an anonymous poll. Let people select attractiveness by numbers (rating) and asses the result if that's really what you want. You'd still have trolls or people who genuinely don't see you attractive at all, you'd have to be very attractive looking and very close to whatever is considered generally attractive. At least the majority of votes would give you a hint, even though not an actual answer on your specific case at least.

  • As I said before apply to a model agency to see if you are on same standard as male models