Girls, How do I look (reloaded), ladies only please! mid 40's male?

Girls, How do I look (reloaded), ladies only please! mid 40's male?

Simple question... using a scale of 1-10... How do I look?

Leave any comments you like.. I'm thick skinned and know most of the people on here are in their 20's and not likely attracted to a man my age!

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A bit flattered and surprised at the ratings, but thanks for participating. More input on which photo's work best is also appreciated.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You look like the scary dad in the second picture, haha. But overall, you seem like fun. I think these would be good dating site pictures (if you were planning on doing that)

    • you read my mind... I'm trying to thin down to 3 pics for a profile... I've given up on my 32 year old girlfriend and am ready to start looking for someone else!

    • Good on you for being ready to start something new. I think you're smart in choosing conversation starters, like picture 1 and 3. I don't think picture 2 is bad, you might seem a little intimidating to some though. But it's not an unflattering picture and shows off your bathroom.

    • Thanks for mhg :)

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  • I'm younger than you by quite a bit, but if my Mum brought you home I'd be so stocked for her because you are a good looking guy

  • I would feel creepy answering this since i'm 15 it feels weird

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