Which picture is the best?

Which picture is the best?


I want to change my profile picture and I wanted some opinions. Which one do you like the most or are they all a bust?

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I guess #2 is a no go 😂


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  • 1 by far the best! Very cut smile and dimple! On 2 ur lips and cheek kina look like they're fighting against each other and ur lipstick stands out too much. And on 3 ur eyes kinda don't match up I don't mean any offense but I just say it like I see it. U r a very pretty girl for sure!

    • No no, I have a slight lazy eye so you're totally right on the whole my eyes not matching thing lol! But thank you!

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    • Yeah my lazy eye has gotten better but it's really noticeable if a flash is used. Also if I smile with my teeth it shows more! I think that's why I always cover one eye so you can't tell 😂 but thank you!

    • Haha ok I tough u might do that on purpose lol and ur welcome miss.

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  • I like the second one it's all sexy and mysterious lol

    My second choice would be the third one because it's a full picture and obviously I like first one the least.

  • I'm going with the first one, because the second one is a no go and the 3rd one uses one of the angles I hate the most (that angle is unflattering for everyone and everything). 😂

  • #1 reminds me of Carrie Underwood.