All you geniuses who spout"not everyone can be a 9 or 10 even at their max"... how can you know if you qualify as "not everyone"? Go ahead, tell me?

How can you test if you are "not everyone"? That makes me feel sick for even thinuking something so narcissistic... but some people say it.
There are others who say"everyone can be a 9 or 10 but not everyone is willing to put in the effort that male models and hot celebs put in to look good". I mean what is a 7 to one girl will be a 10 to another and vice versa right? we all agree on that. But why then is is said that the majority rating is well defined?

Is there a test? Because asking here will generate differing opinions based on what Girls are online and how good your photo is. I myself have been rated from average to cute and hot to perfect lol. A couple even said UGLY... though I suspect they were trolling... Maybe not though since I've heard Robert Freaking Pattinson get called ugly as sin by Girl friends IRL. No joke.


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  • It all comes down to who's looking, beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder.

    • But how to know what the majority of women think about ones face?

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    • Is anyone really "born beautiful "? lol

    • Because though I can accept people's opinions differing due to subjectiveness I have a hard time acknowledging that someone is genetically superior... I am just as genetically awesome as anyone. Or is that my ego speaking?

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  • It's all about genetics and facial structure. All male models have really good jaw lines and cheek bones etc and pleasing facial features. People who are hot enough to be in Hollywood modes are genetically gifted and no amount of effort will make an average person look as good.

    You can maximise your appearance sure, but you're not gona turn into Brad Pitt just because you start working out and getting a nice haircut and looking after yourself.

    • How can I know if I have the bone structure and genetics?

    • How can I know if I am genetically gifted facially?

    • Who the fuck do I ask? I asked here and girls said I look attractive and cute and hot and average and ugly and gorgeous. SO how can I know for sure?
      The ugly comments were only after I had asked like 5 or 6 times though so yeah lol

  • If you think you are on a par with male models apply to agencies to see if you would be accepted then you would know for sure if you are at their standard or not.