Okay... so apparently male models faces are genetically gifted right? SO how could one go about finding out if their face is genetically gifted?

Thanks. 😊


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  • You should apply to a modelling agency if you are accepted then that should be confirmation

  • Male models are gay as fuck

    • Well... I'm not talking about someone who is A MALE MODEL. I'm someone who is a future engineer... but wants to know if they have the facial genetics necessary.

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    • Yeah my face has the healthy look as well... but I want to know where I should ask to get a final definite answer as to whether I'm male model material facially or not... I asked here and a couple of girls answered and said I am... while a few others said no. The photos weren't anything special though so lol who knows

    • You'll just have to apply to many agencies to find out if they think you're good enough!

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