Why do girls especially watch what they eat?

I was in a store and a Man was talking how he went on a diet and still drank milkshakes and lost 20 pounds. (I have trouble gaining weight so I'm the opposite).
This nice looking girl was like "omg if that was me I'd be so fat and my ass would get all the weight building up".
This girl was thin and if she gained a few pounds I don't think she would of looked fat.
Are all girls like this? Would so many girls be heavier or plus size if they actually ate what they wanted like Men do? I think it's sad to "watch what you eat" just to look thin. It's ok to eat healthy but even healthy foods still put weight on you.

Any other opinions?


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  • The thing is, we females have all of these ridiculous beauty standards forced down our throats all the time. We're taught that being fat is the MOST disgusting thing, and that you're basically worthless if you're anything but skinny. Girls worry about their weight so much more than they should. I'm sure that part of what this girl was saying has to do with her fear of gaining weight and being seen as socially unacceptable.

    However, girls also have a different metabolism than guys. Biologically, it's easier for us to put on weight because that's better for pregnancies. But that varies from girl to girl; I've always been able to eat anything I want without putting on weight. I was never afraid to gain weight, so I'd eat a bunch of unhealthy, fatty foods, and I realized that my metabolism rocks so I can eat anything. It's possible that this girl is too afraid of putting on weight to try eating whatever she wants. She could have a really awesome metabolism and just never know it because she doesn't want to risk gaining weight.


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  • I don't know if you can go down gender lines, I think it is safer to say everyone is different - We all know people who eat like horses and never put on weight then people who struggle to lose weight regardless of gender - Some of the answers are correct in their analysis that girls feel more pressure to lose weight from society and themselves meaning "Failure" is highlighted, the same percentage of men might struggle but just goes unnoticed. For example you never hear guys talking about the struggle a guy had over two weeks, tried everything but only lost a pound but you would hear plenty of " 10 lbs dude, two weeks boom. 10 fucking lbs that deserves at least a high five".


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  • I don't think all girls are like this, I believe in moderation- and I like filling my body with healthy foods however if I want to have junk food, I will have junk food. But I just feel like crap if I eat too much of it, so I'd rather feel good because also junk food tends to make me lazy and feel sluggish. It's not necessarily watching what you eat but be mindful of what you put in your body, its the only body you have.

  • They feel like they have this ideal image of what a girl should look like, size wise. I don't necessarily think I if a girl actually ate whatever she wanted she would be plus size or anything but she may very well gain a bit of weight and not have that ideal image she feels like she needs to have.


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  • For some reason girls almost always think they're fatter and less fit than they are. All us guys can do is spontaneously remind them how good looking they are and how fit and healthy they look.