What makes me look unattractive?

Whether or not you agree from the photos I can tell by the way people
react to me, and by looking in the mirror that I'm at least a little bit ugly.
I'm ok with that - there are worse problems to have. I'm honestly not here for sympathy,
but I would like to learn why I'm unnatractive.

Please answer honestly... what is it about my face that either you dislike or you at
least aren't hot? You'd be doing me a big favour.

(I can't stop you - but please don't give me "everyone is beautiful" answers nice as they are,
or random insults - if you're gonna insult me at least justify your answer by pointing out my flaws.)

(imgur links)

Sorry I'm not the right level to post links but someone very helpfully posted them down in the comments.


Most Helpful Guy

  • the truth your haircut is shit, change it and you will be good

    • thank you, your honesty is exactly what i'm looking for!

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