Girls, How do I Look? Rate me from 1-10?

Girls, How do I Look ? Rate me from 1-10?
This isn't the best pic. that has been taken of me but I don't have any other pic I don't think that I look good best case I might be a 6 or something like that still I would love what you think.
If you do me the faviore and tell me what you like or hate of my looking.


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  • In my opinion, you are not conventoo ally good looking... as in your features are not what is generally considered to be good looking. But they come together to form something that is not at all hard on the eyes. You have a pleasant appearance, and I think with a good personality, many girls will find you very attractive.

    I think rating in numbers are very misleading, but I would not hesitate to give you a 6 or 7. With a good personality, as a package, you could be a 9 even. 😊