The two most beautiful faces in the world?

People were asked to choose celebrities they found attractive and then merged the most attractive face parts of celebrities together.

Here are the results:

The two most beautiful faces in the world?

The two final beautiful faces have got one thing in common - they're all white.

Do you think they are the most attractice: YES, NO, They're okay but not the most attractive

Race is a bigger deal in dating and attraction than we like to think.
Stats from OkCupid and Tinder, two of the biggest dating apps at the moment, seems to confirm the fact that we are prejudiced in favour of white people when we date. Ok Cupid found that all races, except black men and women, consistently rate white women and men higher than other races.

This trend is not apparent for any other race, except for Asian women who are consistently voted higher by every other race.

Black women fare the worst, with every race, including black men, voting them lower, and they are closely followed by black and Asian men.

It seems that on the whole, white people do better.

What do you guys think? Does race play a role in people you date or attracted to (be honest)?


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  • I have to say first of all - I am from a country with a white population of high 90 percents - It is hard for me to gauge how I would be in a multi racial society but having said all that I don't think race would play a part in who I date - It is all about the chemistry we feel between us.


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