Girls, need to know if I'm attractive or not?

Okay so I know I shouldn't care about what others think of me but this curiosity has been killing me, hence why I'm here. So, I used to be extremely ugly and picked on my looks by countless people (in a lot of instances girls I liked) over the course of the last 10 years which made me insanely depressed for most of life. Through extensive work I improved the way I looked drastically (first picture is me from freshman year of high school, just to give some perspective). I exercised my butt off, improved my sense of style, even went as far to get nose surgery (it was really cheap since I went to another country). Deep inside I feel good about myself and the things I've accomplished so far in life and whatnot, but, because I've never been "liked" or crushed on by a girl ever, or ever had a girlfriend and been through over 30 rejections (not even joking lol), I'm kind of curious to see if on a physical level girls find me attractive or ugly now that I've improved on that aspect a lot. So far after improving myself I haven't tried "dating" because I've been having crippling social anxiety due to being rejected dozens of times years ago, even though that was before I tried improving my looks. And yes I know looks aren't everything and that it's mostly personality that matters, but as far as that goes, everyone says I have a really good one, which is why in most situations I've been "friendzoned" instead of completely avoided, so I'm on here only to get some opinions on this question that's been bugging me for a long time now.

For reference, here's two pictures of me from before (I know lol):

Freshman year of high school
Girls, need to know if I'm attractive or not?Junior year

Pictures of me now (senior year)

Oh and sorry for the long post haha.

Any opinions appreciated, whether it's good or bad


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  • There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with your looks.

    Maybe you need to project more confidence. Approach girls just to have fun conversation or exchange. I always give a guy solid pts for initiating cold, and even more pts if he doesn't talk about my appearance right away. Don't worry about trying to date them, just focus on having a fun exchange. If it goes well then ask for facebook or email, or give her your number on a note and tell her to text hers. You'll meet a nice girl if you approach enough of them. If you need any tips about how to start conversations with random girls in public places - just respond. I've successfully approached many guys with this mentality.

    • wow that's actually so helpful. Back when I wasn't getting rejected that much I actually tried cold approaching and I was really confident, and talked to random girls I found attractive without hesitation, and I mean it was clear they didn't find me attractive but I had good conversations, and I could get myself to approach when I hated the way I looked and was actually told I was ugly all my life. Now that I've changed and I'm actually feeling good about my appearance, I'm actually surprisingly more anxious approaching random girls, because of the fact that I've always failed. I'm more confident as a person and in social situations by a million miles, but it's approaching that I'm not. This time though I'm not anxious about what I look like, it's about what to say.

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    • Each girl has an opinion of you, and it isn't always negative. Not all of them have boyfriends and one of them definitely thinks you're cute or enjoys your attention. Sometimes I would get mad at the girl who spoke for the group. I don't like being rude to anyone who hasn't really done anything out of the way. No harm in a little adventure! I love meeting new people, especially if they're fun and spontaneous. And if you're half decent looking, you will be popular as the only male sex in the group (an advantage to be sure). It's a buzz to be around the male sex, especially when they challenge stereotypes - not afraid to approach - polite - funny and interesting - not douchebags - no foul language - not complimenting tits or butts - just enjoys talking, not just trying to get laid. Telling your intentions is not important initially. You're getting to know new people, and you don't know if they're girlfriend material or not. Don't pressure yourself. Wait until you see signs of flirting.

    • wow that's by far the most helpful advice I've ever gotten actually hahaha. That's a really good way of looking at it. Yeah it's true, I think the reason I could do it before was I thought so low of my self I basically lost all hope of anything happening so I had zero expectations and did it just to get out of my comfort zone, I just tried having a fun time. Now I'm half expecting something which is why I'm more nervous and can't get myself to approach random strangers, so I should definitely stop doing that. Thanks a lot!

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  • I think you look good🙂 7.5-8 on my scale

  • Very cute. Wouldn't worry about anything. Just remember that when you smile, try extending the smile to the direction of your cheeks (based on other photo I saw).
    But seriously wouldn't worry about your looks, your attractive.

  • Awww ^.^ you're cute :) Honest :)
    I will say: LEVEL UP!! ;) 😊😄

  • You're attractive :)

  • I think you're attractive. You don't need to post the old photos it's a little weird judging a 14 year old haha.

    • Sorry xD I just wanted to give some perspective, and thanks!