Motivation for my body challenge?

Helly everyone!
I want to start my body tranformation from today... and I thought it would be nice to get some motivation from you guys!

Thank you and have a merry Christmas ;)


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  • Ok perfect!!!
    Watch gym ra videos on YouTube there great!
    Also watch Xfit on YouTube (Rebecca L. Is the fitness instructor.)
    And also check out my Instagram for tips I'm a iTunes artist and I love fitness
    Daley M. Radford

    • Thank you for the great advice!! I loved the youtube channels!!! :D
      I'd love to follow you on Instagram since you look like a fitness pro :P I sent you the following request!
      Thank youuu :D

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    • @ElijahWolf I don't know what it is but for some odd reason you are the second person that has asked me that on this site. YES I'm cleans and yes I workout hard! No im not on steroids

    • I asked because your boobs look like boobs of someone who's on roids, didn't try to offend you xD

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  • You can do it! You're already making the first step and wanting to, whenever you don't feel like it just remember your goals and once you actually start and do it, you'll always feel better. I always go to the gym or home work outs if I don't feel like GOING there.. even when I don't want to because by the end i'm so happy I did! Remember your diet is more important ;) Good luck, and happy holidays!

    • Thank you very much!! :)