Any French speaker here?

I am preparing for the Clep test. There's a sentence that says.
JE n ai jamais vu Michel, Mais on m'a dit que c est vraiment _____

A Beau
B bel
C Beaux
D Belle

My answer is A, but the book had C for the answer.
I thought Beaux was plural and Beau is singular
Help please French speaker.


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  • French is my native language and yes A would be the correct answer even though the sentence isn't grammatically correct.

    PS: Your book probably has tons of other mistakes lol

    • That's what I was thinking lol.

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  • Hi I'm not a native French speaker but I take it for a-level and I agree with you that it should be A. Sometimes textbooks have typos... Maybe that's the problem. Merry Christmas! Xxx

    • Merry Christmas to you too!

  • It should be A but I'm only a beginner don't trust me completely XD

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