Does my face look okay?

I am 15 turning 16 in 6 months, I know I look 12.. It's the bangs. Please be honest.. Someone insulted the way my face looks the other days and it got to me please be honest.

there's a hair in my mouth lol

I'm sorry if this question is annoying I understand


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  • They were just being a jerk. You look pretty although you do look awfully young.

    • I'm almost your age.. Thank you though I appreciate it<3<3 I just get tired of people treating me like a 11 year old ya know? Thank you though!!<3 Imagine being your age [17] and people treating you like you're 11..

    • Yeah we're complete opposites when I was 11 people assumed I was 17 lol. And I'm turning 18 in a month.

      I know it's annoying now but it will come in handy in the future. While everyones going through their midlife crisis you'll still look hot. So you have that to look forward to :)

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  • You're really cute, I like your eyes. You do look young but oh well that will come in handy when you're older lol

    • Thank you so much!! this made me feel so much better

  • You like a 14 year old in my opinion, but a very pretty 14 year old

  • Sry... U look younger than 12

    • ugh I get that so much.. I hate it..

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    • It's ok!!! I bet you're beautiful. Acne or not it doesn't define you. Most people can see beyond your scars and notice your pretty features

    • thanks... other than how young you look you actually look really good