Saudi but Russian/Turkish origin, people started confusing me?

I hate the question says "where are you from?"
cuz I feel I have to explain my history 😂 cuz When people see me they start say "No way u look Russian or Turkish or Italy, Spanish, French, Asian, Iran, Indian, Greece, Germany, Ukraine, Afghanistan, American, Biritish there's no country left that they didn't guess & it worse that they are far different" that's start annoying me having conversation about how I look

Like I wish I've certain race & stop confusing me 😤
Should I Stop saying I'm Saudi to avoid this?

Updates to see what do I look like


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  • No be proud of your country - I can see why people are surprised but if you look closely face and hair could be middle eastern

    • I've been told Ireland Tho 😂 Yeah ur right I decided to say I'm Saudi Turk To avoid guessing
      And yeah I've Middle East race I gs people confused cuz Im very mixed

    • Girl important thing is you look beautiful

    • Thanks for MHG

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  • Just say what origin you are, that's all. And to be honest I really don't now how you look like all those enthnicities maybe the people who are telling you don't know what they are talking about.

    • Very True , U said it right I guess I'm going to say I'm Turkish, but Saudi born & raised then lol

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  • Could simply be skin pigment is rather noticeably different than others who belong to your race.

    Experience: 18 yr old Korean I get confused to be Chinese, Laos or other Asian ethnicities.

    • Oh I have heard all kind of Asian race too beside Euroupe race & Arabian race (which completly crazy different than each other) that's why I'm surprised by how how people have different opinion than with my race
      the only race I never been told is African

    • Ethnicites **

  • I am Turkish, hi there :-D

    • Merhaba 😘 Nasılsınız? I wanna back to turkey 😭😭

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    • İyiyim 😚 I would come & live there, TeeHee I'm Turkish Coffee Addicted everyday, I can't wait to Eat them 🤗

    • Its all yours, i can order to you, thats on me, not a dutch treat:)

  • Where were you my babe 😘


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  • Turks ar. good people