All of us rate differently. What does each number on your scale mean?

Like if I say a 6/10 is good on my scale, it could be bad on your scale.

All of us rate differently. What does each number on your scale mean?


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  • I try to stay away from rating system as much as possible for exactly this reason because everyone has different values for their numbers


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  • For me, I just dont even rate if the guy is 4 and under. But um...

    5- Mmm Aight
    (Bout there)
    6- Dateable
    (Maybe for others but not for me)
    7- Avg Joe
    (My Type since I'm a Plain Jane)
    8- Cutie Pie
    (Really My Type)
    9- FINE
    (Out of My League)
    10- Gorgeous
    (Dang Near Perfect; Dream Guy Material)

    • Lol see what I mean! The scale above says a 6 would be cute, but thats an 8 for you haha. And like 9 above is gorgeous but your 10 Dream Guy is gorgeous.

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    • um no. average is 5, it's an impossibility that 7 is average.

    • Thanks for mho

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  • i am 6 for sure but people tell me that on my face so could it be 7 0.0
    this seems accurate honestly

    • Haha okay

    • yeah 5 is average 5+ attractive and 4.9 and below not the ideal guy to have babies with but elligible
      4 below bad choice 3 below... i feel sad talking about this (honestly)

    • Awww cheer up!! The Joker is never sad

  • Slightly above average. The equivalent of a C+


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