Girls, to your liking, what famous people are "hot" and what famous people are "handsome"?

feel free to post pics


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  • Here's my list, eventhough I think they All follow under the handsome & hot category, I'll separate them.

    -Zac efron
    -Channing Tatum
    -chris Hemsworth
    -Charlie hunham (Sons of anarchy)
    - ian somerhalder (vampire Diaries)
    -Ryan guzman (The boy next door movie w/ j. low
    -Mark wahlberg
    -vin diesel

    -Rob Lowe (The outsiders, played sodapop)
    -jesse Metcalf (John Tucker must die)
    -Chace crawford (Gossip girl)
    -Michael B. Jordan
    -Johnathan Rhys Meyers, (the Tutdors)
    -Dwayne Johnson

    *Sorry I don't know how to put pictures but I'm sure u will recognize a lot of these guys lol. :p

    • cool list, one question what separates hot from handsome in your opinion?

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    • it actually does thanks, im usually called handsome i just wanted to know the difference

    • Okay glad I helped. :) I think guys can be both hot and handosme as a quality, so it doesn't have to be limited to just one. Lol

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    • whats the different between handsome and hot in your eyes

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    • wow great description thanks

    • Yep. No problem. :)

  • Liam Hemsworth is hot Harry Styles is handsome

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