Irresistible people , do they exist?

iam not talking about the absolutly gorgeous people who make 0.5% of the population iam talking about attractive people who appeall to everyone , people who are attractive to no one , in short they look like everyones type !! i know that most people have a type and won't like everyone but it just got me thinking about that , some people dont seem special even though they are attractive but when compared to other attractive people they stand out and are liked by everyone , so what do you think of this?


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  • My boyfriends friend to me is very guy next door. He is I would say above average in the looks department but not overwhelmingly stunning or anything however it seems like everyone likes him because he is funny witty and charming. I think if someone who hadn't met him were to rate him an eight or something after meeting him that might rate him a ten because of his great personality.
    My boyfriend I think is stunning, and haven't really met anyone who would disagree so he doesn't really apply to what your talking about but sort of because I get what your saying because it seems like everyone likes him with little to no effort and not just becaus of his looks like girls and guys like him. In your experience is there anything in particular that makes theses people stand out? Or have you really though of why they are so likeable?

    • I don't know really tbh , as far as looks go i can see that some guys are easily liked by most girls , as for personality being charming and confident seems to help a lot

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  • If you mean a natural beauty like a hometown beauty yeah I think they do exist

    • kinda , someone who is naturally good looking and is everyone's type like you wouldn't meet a single guy who would refuse to date her