Girls, If looks are subjective and one girl's 7 is another's 9 and vice versa... then how can anyone know if they are a 5 or a 10 or an 8?


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  • Only matters what you are to the person you think is a ten.

    • Honestly... what really matters is what the majority of women think. How can one know what the majority of women think about his face?

    • I KNOW I AM Good looking. But is that a 7 or an 8 or a 9? No idea

    • I posted pics here and some said I was average and others said I am hotter than Nick Bateman facially so wtf?

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  • It's all about what you think about your own personal self if your think your a 10 you are most likely a 10

    • But how? If I think I am a 10 and do everything a 10 does... then will the majority of women think I am a 10 too? Genes DO PLAY A ROLE.

    • How to know if I have the genes?

  • If you want to find the average opinion, then you're going to have to take an average. Do some math, find the mean. If half of women call you a 9 and half call you a 7, then you average out to an 8.
    If you have a sample of ratings, add them up, then divide by the number of ratings you were given; that's your average.

  • They can't...

    • Okay... if a guy puts in the same effort that a 10 puts into his looks will he too be a 10 to most women?

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    • @SunnyCaliGirl that tells me absolutely nothing... Obviously I think my parents are good looking but I want to know if I have facial genetics which would be considered very attractive to the majority of women or not.

    • I asked here and some said I look hotter than prime Brad Pitt and others said I was a 7.

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