Round faces girls vs narrow faced guys?

maybe its just me but i notice that guys with narrower and bonnier faces are more attractive to women, and women who have round faces with really not much defined bones are really pretty and cute , I don't know how to explain it i thought only girls with skinny faces look hot but now i realize round squishy faces are quite attractive even more than skinn faces. what about you?


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  • A lot of what people find attractive are actually about genes and biological stuff (personality as well) but our physical drive is physical, throughout time a stronger jaw line, and sharper facial features were and are consider more masculine and that's usually why guys have it.
    Women have and usually do have rounder and smoother faces and yes it's possible for them to have sharp jawline and high cheek bones thinner faces as well.
    Chubby or round faces are seen as more youthful faces like when your young and you have baby fat. For some people the baby fat leave for others they dont. Thin faces can look youthful ands well but do look older.
    Any can be attractive, it's what your born with unless you get surgary. Personally when it comes to guys based on my boyfriend I like guys who have a good jaw line and thinner face but is still a baby face as he has trouble growing facial hair so I like the no bear no mustache look which gives him a baby face.
    As for woman I'm not sure if round or thin is more attractive then another there are actually way more shape faces. But personally I think that effects te face the most are eyes and smile

    • of course some things affect how attractive someone is but for me personally i've realized that most girl i really find attractive have round and soft faces not long and narrow , I don't know it just looks... more attractive can't explain it.

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  • I like the narrow face look the best